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7384564Christian Stimson

Christian studied Yacht Design at the renowned Southampton Institute of Technology and, after graduating with Distinction, set up Christian Stimson Yacht Design in Cowes in the UK, where the incorporated company Stimson Yachts Ltd continues to be based.

Since the early days, which produced high performance boats such as the B28 and International 14 dinghies, Christian’s portfolio has grown to include a broad range of boats with a variety of functions and features, from fast raceboats to comfortable cruisers, from all-weather power catamarans to 40 knot superyacht RIB tenders. His experience with raceboats, the focus of much of his career, led to him joining GBR Challenge for the 2003 America’s Cup campaign.

Since then, Christian’s designs have included power boats as much as sailing yachts, and the philosophy of Stimson Yachts has been determined by his strong belief that both disciplines have much to learn from the other.